Christine Kane – Wide Awake

January 01, 1970

(Firepink Music)


It’s not that Christine Kane has expanded the parameters as
far as the fairer sex’s singer/songwriter motif is concerned.  In fact, barely a song or two into her newest
album, a flood of comparisons quickly come to mind. Echoes of Rosanne Cash,
Mary Chapin Carpenter, Carole King, Carly Simon and Catie Curtis infiltrate
these proceedings, leaving an agreeable aura and a tender touch.


Yet, it would be selling her short to merely lump her in
with all the competition; over the course of her previous half dozen offerings,
Kane’s proven herself a master of soft-pedaled melodies and a hushed, low-lit
delivery.  Wide Awake proves no exception, its songs coming on modestly at
first before widening their reach and allowing the supple nuances to evolve
into a more seductive impression. 
Consequently, tunes like “Virginia” and “Seasons Changing” ring with a
resilience that has them breeding familiarity even on first hearing.  Yet even the more nuanced performances – the
modestly enticing title track, the unobtrusive but yet quietly embracing “How
To Be Real,” the pretty and genteel “The Real World” – leave their mark with
minimal effort. 


Christine Kane doesn’t demand attention but she certainly
deserves it nonetheless. 


Standout Tracks: “Virginia,” “Seasons Changing” LEE ZIMMERMAN


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