Album: The Pitcher

Artist: Christian Kjellvander

Label: Tapete

Release Date: November 12, 2013

Christian Kjellvander 11-12


Given his quiet musical demeanor, preference for acoustic instruments and understated baritone, you can be forgiven for mistaking Christian Kjellvander for a folk singer. The Swedish singer and songwriter could certainly carve out a niche for himself amongst fans of Bill Callahan and Will Oldham. But Kjellvander is a more ambitious arranger than his peers, preferring a lush backdrop of strings and horns to adorn his heart-on-sleeve compositions, which take a turn towards an obsession with natural destinations. “The Crow,” “The Woods” and “The Valley” unfold luxuriously without bogging down, taking their time to let their gorgeous atmosphere sink in. “The Bloodline” caps the record off with an air of hymnlike resolution – “There’s nothing wrong with love,” Kjellvander matter-of-factly croons, and it’s impossible to disagree.

DOWNLOAD: “The Bloodline” “The Crow,” “The Woods”

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