CHRISTIAN FENNESZ – AUN: The Beginning and The End Of All Things

January 01, 1970

(Ash International)



AUN: The Beginning And
The End Of All Things
is a strange Faustian drama from Austrian auteur
Edgar Honetschläger that explores the fragile relationship between humans and
nature twenty years into the future as it teeters on the brink of
self-destruction through an existential story that follows the son of a
Japanese scientist who was killed while searching for alternative energy
sources, namely a motor that can run on water (which has, in fact, been explored in the modern


And the filmmaker could not have hired a better man to give
this 100-minute cinematic meditation a more appropriate sonic undercurrent than
abstract electronic wizard Christian Fennesz. In filming the movie on vintage 35mm
celluloid, Honetschläger creates an atmosphere very much out of time with its
subject matter on a textural level, sort of like looking through the lens of an
old Panavision camera from the golden age of MGM to capture the realistic
imagery of tomorrow. Fennesz also instills a similar dichotomy with his score, as
beautifully melancholic passages on grand piano and guitar interweave and
flutter through the ether of his static-encrusted digital ambiance over 15
compositions of unsettling serenity.  


Much like the film’s own roots in the philosophies of
anthropologist Claude Levi-Strauss and Japanese Shintoism, the music created by
Fennesz for AUN bears an unflinching cognizance
of the dichotomy between man and nature as it continues to become irreparably
fractured as we as a society move along into the unknown of the 21st century.


DOWNLOAD: “Sekai”, “AUN40”, “Nympha” RON HART


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