CHRIS TRAPPER – Technicolor

Album: Technicolor

Artist: Chris Trapper

Label: Starlit

Release Date: October 17, 2013

Chris Trapper 10-17


 Chris Trapper has long ago outgrown the tag “former Push Stars Frontman,” having put out nearly twice as many solo records since walking away from the short-lived, but addictively fun Boston pop band in 2001.

 Technicolor is Trapper’s ninth record since going it alone at an impressive clip, and though this latest one is ambitiously long (17 tracks in all), it is overall a pretty solid affair. 

 At times he can be a tad too earnest (“God in Every Cloud,” “Extraordinary”), but even at his most solemn and confessional, he manages not too come off as contrived, a pitfall for many crooners deviling headlong into songs of romance and childhood memories. Trapper, like on just about every record that has preceded this one, is at his best with the more quirky, slightly irreverent songs like the sweet “Bye Bye Beautiful,” with lap steel and ukulele (and for the record, Trapper has been rocking the uke long before it became a hipster accessory); or a breezy song like “Waving As I Go” (light, yes, but still impressively sincere).  

 Coming in at almost a dozen and a half tracks was probably a little ill-advised for an album, but given Trapper’s prolific habit for songwriting, he likely has another record full just waiting to be put to tape.

 DOWNLOAD: “Bye Bye Beautiful,” “Good Times” and “Waving As I Go”


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