CHRIS STORROW – The Ocean’s Door

Album: The Ocean’s Door

Artist: Chris Storrow

Label: self-released

Release Date: February 05, 2016


The Upshot: Canadian poster indulges his love of the Sixties to great effect.


Pop oriented Canadian who was unknown in this household …until now (he used to be in a band called Bossanova…never heard of them but sounds like I need to check ‘em out).  The guy, who apparently moved from Vancouver to Montreal in the middle of recording got some help in both playing and recording from Kurt Dahle (New Pornographers) and some othe luminaries from the Great White North helped out including Evan Cranley (Stars) and Patrick Watson (Besnard Lakes) and other folks from The Dears, The Stills and Young Galaxy.

Apparently Storrow wanted to make a smooth ‘60s pop record and that he did. This is terrific. I initially wanted to call him a “poor man’s Scott Walker” and don’t think I’d be too far off the mark on that one but man, the majesty of some of these songs is glorious. First cut “A True Christian” unfolds slowly into a smooth pop tune while “Raised the Bar” has these blaring horns all over it. He/they just go completely over the top in wall of soundness on the amazing “Oh, Daphne Dear” and “The Safest Bet” is nearly as good. This isn’t twee though (not that I would mind if it was) as there still the guitar/bass/drums holding down the fort (especially the solid drums which Dahle plays on about half of the tracks). Seriously, if ‘60s influenced pop is your bag (Burt Bacharach, Glenn Campbell, etc.) then do not, I repeat do not miss this one.

DOWNLOAD:  “Raised the Bar,” “Oh, Daphne Dear,” “The Safest Bet”




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