CHEYENNE MIZE – Among the Grey

Album: Among the Grey

Artist: Cheyenne Mize

Label: Yep Roc

Release Date: June 25, 2013

Cheynene Mize


Over the course of her three albums and an initial 10” EP, Cheyenne Mize has come to define herself in various ways – an introspective chanteuse, a pop pundit and a meditative siren that mixes her musical references with a certain apparent ease. With #Among the Grey#, Mize attempts to offer some clarity by identifying some of its songs in decidedly distinctive ways, whether it’s the churning underbelly of the tense and tentative “Through the Window Pane,” the cosmic cascade of “Raymaker,” or the ominous vibe of “Give It All.”

Ultimately though, Among the Grey is still mired in… well… several shades of gray, so that when certain songs dissipate as a casual drift, it becomes all the more difficult to glean a more emphatic impression. It’s left then to the more visceral entries – “Give It All,” “Wouldn’t Go Back” and “As It Comes” — to ensure Mize makes her mark. As it is, she can lay claim to being a desirable diva, equally adept at wielding an apparent sneer or a mellow groove.

DOWNLOAD: “Give It All,” “Wouldn’t Go Back,” “As It Comes”

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