THE CHESTERF!ELDS – Electric Guitars in their Hearts: The Best of The Chesterf!elds

Album: Electric Guitars in their Hearts: The Best of The Chesterf!elds

Artist: Chesterfields

Label: Cherry Red

Release Date: May 06, 2014



This UK bunch, hailing from Dorset took the UK by storm in the 80’s with their spindly, swingin’ brand of indie pop. Though the band released three proper full-lengths and a handful of singles I first discovered them via the compilations that the Subway Organisation released compiling their great stable of bands like the Soup Dragons, the Flatmates, the Groove Farm, Rosehips and too many others.

The core of the band was guitarist/vocalist Dave Goldsworthy (aka Davey Chesterfield….sadly lost his life in a hit and run in 2004) and bassist/vocalist Simon Barber who wrote most of the songs. I’m not sure if it was post-Maggie or what in the UK but all of these bands sound so damn happy (I’m not complaining…and nope, Maggie was in until 1990). If I’m correct, this 27-song comp is everything they released and if you’ve never heard jangle gems like “Lunchtime for the Wild Youth,” “Ask Johnny Dee,” “”Alison Wait” (reminds me of their pals the June Brides……horns!) or “Pop Anarchy” then you don’t know what you’re missing. Jump on this bandwagon (better late n’ never).

Just look for the hot pink cd with the blue and yellow lettering. The ! replaces the I. Go on.

DOWNLOAD: “Shame About the Rain,”“Lunchtime for the Wild Youth,” “Ask Johnny Dee,” “”Alison Wait,” “Pop Anarchy,” “Glad For You”


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