Cheshires – The Cheshires

Album: Cheshires

Artist: Cheshires

Label: self-released

Release Date: September 16, 2016


The Upshot: Members of Remy Zero coalesce in a new form to create a dreamily familiar sound.


Alabama’s Remy Zero was proof that ‘90s alt rock wasn’t limited to the coasts. Though they only put out three albums, the Birmingham band managed to draw in a tight core of cult followers thanks to the group’s dreamy pop sound and esoteric lyrics. After a split in 2003 – aside from four shows in memory of their drummer in 2010 – the band members have been mostly under the radar until now.

Cheshires reunites Remy Zero’s Shelby Tate (who legally changed his name to Remy Zero in 1990), Louis Schefano (original drummer) and Leslie Van Trease (a touring member of the band) for an impressive debut that sounds a lot like something from their old group’s catalog. Across a dozen tracks, the band play an expansive set of memorable, moody pop songs that soar and are much more expansive than you would expect from a simple three-piece set up.

The music here does come off as dated at times, (at least one of the songs was salvaged from a home demo recorded before Remy Zero ever signed to a label), but seeing as how nostalgia is all the rage and now every other 20-something in a band is just now discovering groups like Pavement and Dinosaur Jr., this self-titled, self-released record is more comfort listening than it is a simple retread.

DOWNLOAD: “Dugz – I Love This Feeling,” “Tell Her Everything,” and “You’ve Turned (to Gold)”


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