The Cheer’ly Men, 1916 & CRAIC 4/14/18, Pittsburgh

Dates: April 14, 2018

Location: Pittsburgh

Bringing A Bit Of Irish Influence To Pittsburgh


1916, a band from Rochester, New York, brought their Irish punk music to Hard Rock Pittsburgh. This was a great show from beginning to end. When I think of Irish punk automatically Dropkick Murphy’s come to my mind, but what people do not realize is that there is a more than one band that does this style of music. No matter what you want to call the music itself, it is a great music scene to see. What 1916 does is very different than today’s pop music or even punk for that matter. It is actually in my opinion, completely undefinable, and that is what makes it great. Any way you want to explain the music style or genre is fine, it is just uplifting good music.

This night is especially cool because I had never seen them live. This was exciting for me. The night began with The Cheer’ly Men (pictured above) and there is a theme of modern Irish influenced music throughout this line-up tonight. They are a local band in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Cheer’ly Men formed in 2015 and continue to play throughout the area and other parts. They are a talented and fun band to see live. They are a shanty band and play rowdy and bawdy bar songs that anyone will know an enjoy. Their music is inviting to the audience to participate in the fun of the music and song. I liked them. Anyone can tell that there is a lot of talented musicians in this band. A good way to start this night of music.

1916 took to the stage with an enthusiasm that is electrifying. Anybody in the audience could tell this is going to be special. The passionate way these musicians play their instruments is electrifying to say the least. They are genuinely having a good time on stage performing their music. This is refreshing to see. This is not saying other bands don’t enjoy themselves on stage, it is just a difference on how an audience can perceive a performance. The band is energetic and has a good way of composing music. This band has performed with some notable names which includes The Street Dogs, Flogging Molly, and New Politics. The interesting diverse of the band is made up of Bill Herring, Steve Ladue, Jon Kane, and Ryan Hurley. They are 1916.

Ordinary Man is a song that had the audience roaring. This Celtic modern punk band is one of the best punk bands to see a live performance from. The Hard Rock Café Pittsburgh is a good setting for the band. The bands addictive hooks and all around good playing of their instruments is what makes this band unique. Their bass player is interesting with the standup bass which has spider webs on it. The crowd was into it and once the song For Whiskey was played you could tell how much love for music was in the room. A great performance by 1916.

The last band of the night was CRAIC. The term CRAIC is Gaelic and it means interesting banter and good company including music. This is just what seeing them perform live is. It was a good show all the way around. The audience had fun, the bands had fun and I had fun. This is what good modern Irish punk rock is all about. If you are looking for a good live show go check out this show. Until next time rock on!


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