CHEATAHS – Extended Plays

Album: Extended Plays

Artist: Cheatahs

Label: Wichita

Release Date: February 05, 2013


 As in, the lightning-fast cat, or a slick grifter? No matter; these Cheatahs rip into their sonic blast and dare you to check your wallet during the aftermath. More dynamic than the contemporary crop of nü-gazers (Beach House, et al) and wisely sidestepping the dreamy-is-more aesthetic therein, the Brit-spawned band is so clearly enamoured – spelling intentional – of the late, great Swervedriver that Adam Franklin could sign the youngsters up if he ever needed a last-minute backing combo to take on tour.

 That Cheatahs also carve out a bit of identity over the course of this single-disc compilation (a pairing of UK-only EPs) is testimony to singer Nathan Hewitt and guitarist James Wignall’s devotion to the noise-nik cause. Comprising the 2012-issued Coasted and Milk Music records, Extended Plays makes the case for the circa-early ‘90s Creation Recs heyday, notably in the “Son Of Mustang Ford”-esque “Sans” (check the drop-outs, that leave your swallowing your tongue, followed by the guitar/percussion raveups, not to mention the neo-automotive effects) and the slower, more overtly poppy “Jacobi” (which veers towards Oasis territory). There have been some intermittent press mutterings of a My Bloody Valentine element surfacing in the band’s songs, but most likely that’s reserved for the live setting – it’s not evident in these 8 songs, none of them particularly abstract or vertiginous.

 But good on them for that. They still fucking rock. And a band should be different in the studio and onstage. To be honest, it’s way too early to predict whether Cheatahs will turn out to be more than the sum of their influences. Still, it’ll be a whale of a lot of fun watching ‘em try. For the moment, I’m gonna be rooting for them.

 DOWNLOAD: “Sans,” “Froshed,” “Jacobi”  — FRED MILLS