CHEATAHS – Cheatahs

Album: Cheatahs

Artist: Cheatahs

Label: Wichita Recordings

Release Date: February 11, 2014

Cheatahs 2-11


This UK quartet, comprising a Brit, a Canuck, a Yank and a German, seems to have taken the indie rock world by a storm a year or so ago. By chance I saw them playing in the middle of a bill with Wavves and Fidlar a year or so ago and was duly impressed. They released a few EPs last year (collected on one CD, reviewed here), and now comes their long-awaited full-length. It’s as good as anyone had hoped.

The initial influence heard in the songs is that of My Bloody Valentine (Swervedriver and Dinosaur Jr, too) but upon closer inspection the band adds more pop hooks (like MBV did earlier in their career) intertwined with glorious sheets of noise and an occasional side turn down the road of drone (check out “Mission Creep” for that).

Opening cut “Geographic” roars out of the gate (after a 47 second intro) with wiry guitars and punishing rhythms, while “Northern Exposure’ and “Kenworth” both bring the noise, and very well I might add. They offer up a different version of single “The Swan” (not too different, though) and that wah-wah’d guitar on “Leave to Remain” might drop some jaws, too.

Sure, the band know who their influences are (as do we) but when the songs are this good, who the hell cares.

DOWNLOAD: “Kenworth,” “The Swan,” “Geographic,” “Leave to Remain”

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