CHEAP TIME – Exit Smiles

Album: Exit Smiles

Artist: Cheap Time

Label: In The Red

Release Date: October 26, 2013

Cheap Tie 11-26




Someone’s clearly been studying the old Johnny Rotten concert tapes. On Exit Smiles, the fourth record from the Nashville Punks-raised-on-Power Pop band Cheap Time, you can practically hear the sneer on Jeffry Novak’s face as he spits out the lyrics on the album opener/title track.


Unfortunately, much of the rest of this eight-song record seems just as affected as those snotty vocals.


Coming off like a combination of The Fall, Milk ‘N’ Cookies and scene mates Be Your Own Pet (which includes two former band members), while competent enough, there’s nothing really original, and rarely interesting, that this trio brings to the table. There are sparks of creativity that flash and disappear – most notably on a song like “Slow Variety” – but there’s never enough to hold attention for long.


It’s been done plenty of times before and often much better. 


DOWNLOAD: “Same Surprise” and “Slow Variety”



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