Dates: June 14, 2014

Location: The Soiled Dove, Denver CO

Chatham County Line


This night at Denver’s The Soiled Dove, LA folkster Brad Colerick seemed like a real genuine guy. His acoustic tunes were a little on the light side but he eked out some real nice melodies from his acoustic guitar and had a pleasant enough voice. He spoke of writing jingles for his day job and working alongside the likes of Johnny Cash and many others. The crowd really enjoyed his set,

North Carolina’s Chatham County Line came out dressed to the nines with suits and ties on (I’m guessing their usual garb) [Yes.—NC-centric Ed.] Vocalist/guitarist Dave Wilson kept things rolling with a plethora of funny stories while his supporting cast tugged the crowd right into their whole oeuvre. (Okay, not “supporting cast”—that would be “bandmates” as there is no real leader here given how equally important each man is to the overall sound. The other musicians were mandolin player John Teer, who also played violin; standup bassist Greg Readling; and banjo player Mr. Chandler Holt.

What is their oeuvre, you ask? Doing modern, nontraditional take on bluegrass (I did mention the instruments above). Let’s face it, great songs mixed with hooks and humor played with gobs of energy will bring out the best in any band and these guys have got that in spades.

At it since 1999 with several records under their belt (including their latest, Tightrope for the Yep Roc label), the band has a deep catalog to pull from though it seemed to focus mainly on recent material. From Tightrope we heard gems like “Should Have Known,” “Any Port in Storm” (real heavy violin on this one), “Girl She Used to Be” and “Hawk” (a tribute to the veterans of World War II).

The band left the stage but not to be outdone, the crowd roared with approval and brought the gents back out for some encores including “Chip of a Star,” “Porcelain Doll” and ending it with “Tightrope of Love” from said latest record.  I can honestly say that this was one of the best nights out for live music in a long while. Don’t miss Chatham County Line when they come to your town. Bring a special little lady, too.


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