Charlie Peacock – No Man’s Land

January 01, 1970

(Twenty Ten Music)


For the past twenty years or so, Charlie Peacock’s made his
mark as a Contemporary Christian Music artist of some distinction. Aside from a
string of solo albums, he’s written for numerous other artists within the same
genre – most notably Amy Grant, for whom he penned the hit “Every Heartbreak.”
More recently, he made his mark in secular realms by producing the Civil Wars’
critically acclaim debut, Barton Hollow, a
move carefully calculated to make him more of a mainstream presence.


Likewise, he’s never been afraid to adjust his template
overall, delving into jazz, soul, bluegrass and singer/songwriter fare while
further affirming his versatility. Nevertheless, No Man’s Land
spotlights what he does best, writing and recording thoughtful narratives that
are as affecting as they are engaging. Those who tend to shy away from music
they find too “preachy,” or artists who wear religion on their sleeve, need not
worry; while the sweeter songs like “Mystic,” “Kite in the Tree” and “Till My
Body Comes Undone” are underscored by a sense of spiritual affirmation, it’s
the melodies and delivery that stand out above all.


Peacock’s penchant for plucky rhythms, banjo and
fiddle-fueled arrangements instills the overall effort with an ample amount of
folk/country appeal. Religion will always resonate, but a stirring song can
often prove just as inspiring.


DOWNLOAD: “Mystic,” “Kite in the Tree”

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