Charlie Mars – Blackberry Light

January 01, 1970

(Rockingham Records)


Over six albums, Mississippi
native Charlie Mars has perfected that laid back, guitar case open, just
busking for change troubadour sound – like Jack Johnson with a few more chords
in his repertoire or a cooler, indie version of Jason Mraz. Nowhere is that
more apparent than on Blackberry Light.
Back on a small label, the songs comes off with little to prove and that
relaxed I-don’t-give-a-fuck vibe is pretty appealing.


Though he’s got the folkie thing down pat, it’s his
injection of blues and soul, like on “Back of the Room,” that makes Blackberry Light stand out from most of
his earlier efforts. The guy can write a love song that doesn’t come out trite
(“I Do I Do”) and still brag about his I like to party life (“That’s How I


The album peters out a bit at the end, weighted down with
some of his moodier tracks, but all and all, it’s a pretty solid record from
someone who’s managed to survive the ups and downs of playing album-length rock
in a singles-focused music world.


the Meter Run,” “Pacific
Oceans,” “I Do I Do”  JOHN B. MOORE

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