Charlatans – Who We Touch

January 01, 1970

(The End)


There are far fewer
things as embarrassing in the world of music than once-popular bands seeing
their audiences moving on, deciding to dramatically flip from one genre to the
next in an obvious appeal to ANYONE willing to buy an album (think Vanilla Ice
getting tatted up and trying his hand at nu-metal or MC Hammer trying to go Gangsta


It’s a relief, then,
to hear The Charlatans UK, one of the better early ‘90s Manchester, UK
rock bands, have never bothered to stray too far from the original sound that
managed to marry classic rock with a subtle dance vibe. On Who We Touch, the band’s 11th record, the group sounds
just as solid as it did in ’94. Who We
sounds remarkably familiar. Coming in at just 10 songs, the record has
virtually no filler (the exception being the unnecessary hidden track at the
end of the album) and some of the best harmonies the band has put on tape to


The Charlatans may
never have been as popular as scene mates like The Stone Roses or Happy
Mondays, but they’ve managed to survive longer than either band and have spent
the past decade turning in some of the best songs. And not once have they resorted
to putting on the skinny jeans, moving to Williamsburg
and trying to relaunch as a hipster indie band.



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