Chapin Sisters – Two

January 01, 1970


Bottom Records)


Despite it’s
straightforward title,
Two actually
manages to up the ante over the Chapin Sisters’ critically-lauded 2008 debut,
Lake Bottom, and
succeeds in that regard by actually doing more with less. In the interim, their
sister Jessica has gone on hiatus to focus on her new family, leaving her
remaining siblings, Abigail and Lily, to continue the brand in her absence.
Happily however, the girls’ shimmering harmonies effectively mask her absence.


Then again, as daughters
of veteran singer/songwriter Tom Chapin, and the nieces of the still-missed
Harry Chapin, they obviously have a fairly high standard to live up to.
Happily, their supple vocals find them largely up to the task. Commencing the
album with a pristine a cappella “Sweet Light” is, in its way, a bold entry,
but with their tender musings dominating subsequent songs like “Rose In
Winter,” “Birds In My Garden” and “Boo Hoo,” their gentle, angelic presence
quickly makes itself known.


Those less tolerant of
such a precious posture may find this all a bit twee, but then again, this
wouldn’t be the record for them to begin with. As for those who do have an
appreciation for pure folk finesse,
Two would seem a genuine treasure. 


DOWNLOAD: “Sweet Light,” “Rose in Winter”


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