Album: Enter Ghost

Artist: Celestial Shore

Label: Home Tapes

Release Date: November 11, 2014

Celestial shore 11-10



Celestial Shore’s stop-start tunes coil up like a slinkies in freefall, stretching bristle-y, abrasive rock riffs to the breaking point, then somersaulting in bendy little explosions of melody that are as playful as they are chaotic. Enter Ghost, the trio’s first for Home Tapes, is a far more guitar-centric affair than 2013’s 10X, yet similarly, disorientingly packed with off-shooting glee. “Gloria” rumbles with a Pixies-ish bass line, flutters with falsetto flourishes. The song ponders the shifting nature of reality with its plaintive “Who are you now?” and the melody, too, flits from alternate universe to alternate universe, here wistful, there bruising.

These are smart, complicated songs that, for all their twisty transformations, fizz away the difficulties. Lyrics take sudden cerebral fits and starts, weightlessly. alighting on ideas like evolution and free will before fluttering off, butterfly-like into sunny, tuneful landscapes. “Just in love with an idea,” since Sam Owens in “Now I Know,” and he seems not so much in love as giddily infatuated.

Celestial Shore has been touring lately with Ava Luna and Deerhoof’s Greg Saunier mixed 10X, which will perhaps, give you some context for their brainy, discontinuous pop. Yet there’s something infinitely sweet at the core of these puzzle palace songs, as if you’d finished a Rubik’s Cube and found it opened like a piñata with candy inside.

DOWNLOAD: “Gloria” “Creation Myth”


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