Cats On Fire – Dealing In Antiques

January 01, 1970


this Finnish 4-piece, around for nearly a decade now, might be unknown to many,
they have been the talk and toast of the indiepop Tinseltown for a few years
now with two terrific full-lengths under their belt. This 20 song record is
actually a collection of singles, rarities and the like. Leader/vocalist/main
songwriter Mattias Bjorkas has been accused of sounding like Morrissey and that
is not entirely untrue, but his croon is deeper and richer and the crack musical
cast behind him complements his vocals perfectly.


record starts with the collection’s only cover, a take on White Town’s “Your
Woman” (would have rather heard their take on “Hair like Alain DeLeon” but
that’s just me) and it’s not exactly a bang, but they redeem themselves on song
number two, “Poor Student’s Dream of Marx” with some nimble guitar playing and
shuffling rhythm. “Never Land Here” is crisp and elegant, “Something Happened”
is spare and pleasant and “Don’t Say It Could Be Worse” is confident and
vulnerable. Many of these songs paint perfect contradictions and thus, that’s
one of the many strengths of the band. When so proudly writing pop songs it’s
too easy to be dismissed and these guys don’t deserve a dismissal, on the
contrary, a big raise and promotion should be in the works. Where’s the boss
around here?


DOWNLOAD: “Poor Students Dream of Marx”, “Don’t Say It Could Be Worse”, “My Friend in a
Comfortable Chair”, ´”Solid Work” TIM HINELY



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