CATIE CURTIS — Flying Dream

Album: Flying Dream

Artist: Catie Curtis

Label: Catie Curtis Records

Release Date: February 25, 2014

Catie Curtis 2-25


Unfailingly bucolic and ethereal to a degree, Catie Curtis’ latest seems to drift by in a gilded haze that brings an element of truth to its title and ensures the music remains light and effervescent throughout. It’s hard to tell who she’s been listening to lately, although her percolating cover of the Hal David-Burt Bacharach standard “This Girl’s In Love With You” — its gender altered accordingly — does offer some hint of how its approach might have evolved. Whatever the influence, these songs come across as exceedingly inviting, all mellow and gentle and easy to abide. Even when she isn’t touting a celebratory sound, she’s pondering the positive — the thoughtful and subdued “When I’m Right” and the light but affirmative “The Queen” offering a hint of her philosophical bent.

For the most part though, Curtis seems content to simply seduce and thereby put the listener at ease, forestalling any hint of dark premonition and ensuring that all their dreams, whether flying through the night or grounded during the day, remain as pleasant as possible.

 DOWNLOAD: “This Girl’s In Love With You,” “The Queen,” “When I’m Right”

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