Casiokids – Topp Stemning På Lokal Bar

January 01, 1970



sense of effortless Scandinavian cool that defines the vibe on this Norwegian
group’s debut album is simultaneously its most appealing and most revolting
trait. On the positive side, Casiokids are cool enough to throw pretty much
anything into their synth-pop brew, from dancefloor-aimed thumps and
crowd-pleasing melodies to IDM-weirdness and pan-global touches. On the negative
side, you also get the sense that they really just don’t give a shit.


group does best with pure instrumental plays like “Fot i hose” – which blends
tweaky electro-burps, four-on-the-floor beats and a touch of afro-funk to truly
infectious effect – and the squelchy weirdness of “Gomurmamma.” On those cuts,
a real sense of experimental fun emerges that’s as mindless as it is complex.
However, the vocal tracks that make up the bulk of the album suffer from the
languid affectation of singer Ketil Kinden Endresen who is so impossibly
laid-back that his whispery murmurs detract from the band’s innate vibrancy.
The result is a syrupy, urbane sort of sub-Royksopp cafe music that could – if
Casiokids wanted it to – become something truly immersive and revelatory, but
instead winds up sounding half-hearted and too cool for school.



DOWNLOAD: “Fot i hose,” “Gomurmamma”


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