Cary Hudson – Mississippi Moon

January 01, 1970



His seminal efforts
with his outfit Blue Mountain aside, Mississippi
seems the album Cary
Hudson was determined to make all along. Born and bred in the state that lends
its name to the mantle, Hudson literally returns to his roots with a rustic
notion as a set-up, plucking and picking from a back porch vantage point.
There’s little here that bows to modern accoutrements and aside from the frayed
edges of the appropriately named “Rockin’ Blues” and the mid tempo shuffle of
“Broke Down and Busted,” there’s precious little that deviates from the laid
back airs. The jaunty “Mississippi Country Girl,” the unassuming bluegrass
ramble of “Country Blues” and the sleepy “Hobo’s Lullaby” all suggest Hudson’
not only adroit when it comes to descriptive titles, but he’s also adept at
reinforcing those literal suggestions as well.


Truth be told, Mississippi Moon sets a standard when it comes to staking
out a rural regimen and it’s this humble yet unapologetic pedigree that
clinches credibility throughout. Consider this country comforts of the purest
homespun variety.


DOWNLOAD: “Broke Down and Busted,” “Mississippi
Country Girl,” “Country Blues” LEE ZUMMERMAN


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