Carter Tutti Void – Transverse

January 01, 1970


Four rough-edged slabs of ambient/industrial music, Transverse is a collaboration between longtime partners Chris
Carter and Cosey Fanni Tutti (aka Chris and Cosey, once of Throbbing Gristle)
and Nik Void (aka Nik Colk, of next-generation noise-punk outfit Factory
Floor). Employing a squelchy synth heartbeat as its midtempo locomotion, the
music is deliberate yet often spontaneous, striding coolly between bursts of
noise and shards of vocalese.

The pieces — titled “V1” through “V4” — were planned in
advance, but mostly improvised live at London’s
“Short Circuit Presents Mute” festival in May 2011. Each runs about
10 minutes, making the whole album LP-length. This may be a tribute to the good
old pre-CD days, a bow to vinyl’s limited comeback or just a coincidence.

Heavy on flailing, pulsing and feedback, “V2” is the harshest
movement. “V3” opens in a similar mode, but uses a lot of treated
female warbling, making it the most goth of the suite. Even during
“V3,” no one would mistake Transverse for the Cocteau Twins. But
moments of stark beauty do chime or trill within the trio’s overall locked-in-the-engine-room

DOWNLOAD: If you want one, you want
them all. MARK JENKINS

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