Carrie Rodriguez and Ben Kyle – We Love Our Country

January 01, 1970

(Ninth Street


Coming closely on the heels of last year’s well received Love and Circumstance, Carrie Rodriguez
takes an unexpected detour to connect with newcomer Ben Kyle for an EP largely
consisting of covers. Having weaned herself away from her apprenticeship with
Chip Taylor, it shows she’s still quite comfortable as a collaborator. It’s
notable in fact that Taylor’s
presence still lingers large, thanks to the inclusion of one of his songs, the
mournful yet moving “Big Kiss.”


Still, We Love Our
measures up as a worthy addition to Rodriguez’s growing catalog.
The title refers to the duo’s fondness for old timey Americana, a common thread that weaves its
way through all eight of its offerings. Not surprisingly then, the choice of
material leans towards the obvious – “Townes Van Zandt’s “If I Needed You,” the
well worn standards “”You’re Still On My Mind” and “Love Hurts” chief among
them. Likewise, the pair’s original material parallels those prototypes. “Your
Lonely Heart” and “Fire Alarm” maintain an easy ramble, Rodriguez’s fiddle and
the duo’s lilting harmonies affirming their down home designs. It may seem a
somewhat unassuming entry, but regardless, We
Love Our Country
creates a favorable first impression.


DOWNLOAD: “If I Needed
You,” “Your Lonely Heart” LEE ZIMMERMAN

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