CAROUSEL – Jeweler’s Daughter

Album: Jeweler's Daughter

Artist: Carousel

Label: Tee Pee

Release Date: August 20, 2013



Despite all the death metal, black metal, grindcore and pigfuckery (OK, we made that last one up) that’s dominated the metal scene for the past decade or more, there’s still a place on the dais for good old-fashioned hard rock. Raising a fist alongside fellow travelers Bible of the Devil, the Sword and Gypsyhawk, Carousel leaps confidently in front of the crowd, twin guitars flying. The Pittsburgh quartet has personnel roots in Magic Wolf, Lady Beast and the legendary Karl Hendricks Trio, but really its collective heart lies across the ocean in power chords played with British accents.


Combining the double guitar attack of Thin Lizzy, the racing engine drive of Motörhead and the melodic majesty of Angel Witch and Diamond Head, the band joyfully crashes through roaring riffblasters like the singalong title track, the psychedelic “Waste of Time,” the epic “Penance” and the murderous “On My Way.” Though pretty derivative of its influences (something to which the group would likely gleefully cop), Carousel has so much stinkin’ fun channeling its record collection through its amps that it’s impossible to resist the urge to slash that air guitar and throw them horns.

DOWNLOAD: “On My Way,” “Waste of Time,” “Jeweler’s Daughter”

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