Carolyn Mark and NQ Arbuckle – Let’s Just Stay Here

January 01, 1970



genuine, homespun delight, Let’s Just Stay Here matches the talents of
two of Canada’s
great treasures — down home chanteuse Carolyn Mark and the boisterous barroom
affinity of NQ Arbuckle — in an album destined to set the standard for brash
yet unpretentious alt-country indulgence. 
Dividing the vocals equally between Ms. Mark and the Arbuckles’ Neville
Quinlan, it spans heart-wrenching ballads to rowdy rave-ups, all conveyed with
honesty, humility and a sense of genuine earnestness and emotion. 


the smoky, hard-bitten twang of “All Time Low,” the gruff perseverance of
“Saskatoon Tonight” and the rugged determination of “Officer Down” and
“Downtime,” the duo’s campy observations take second place to a rousing,
carousing delivery that’s swept along by a kind of dusty deliberation and
sepia-tinged instrumentation. 
Alternately imbued with a shuffle and a sway, breathless exhortation and
weary, forlorn resignation, Mark and company leave no emotion untouched, no
observation unscathed.  As sweeping as
the vast Canadian plains, this ramshackle collaboration sets a new standard for
all parties concerned, and leaves no doubt that the suggestion implicit in its
title is an invitation well worth heeding. 
Suffice it to say, Let’s Just Stay Here is an album that begs
repeated visits.


“All Time Low,” Saskatoon Tonight,” “Canada Day Off/Toronto” LEE ZIMMERMAN



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