Care Bears on Fire – Get Over It!

January 01, 1970



The most infectious example of fast times at rock ‘n’ roll
high school since the Donnas followed American
Teenage Rock ‘n’ Roll Machine
with Get
, Get Over It!  feels like a scene from a cheerleader movie
where the riot grrrls devise a scheme to rock the prom after locking the real
band (play by Winger) in a closet.


They hit the ground running with “Pleaser,” a portrait in
youthful abandon whose opening riff makes the most of the Clash’s “Police on My
Back” while the vocal hooks recall Veruca Salt as Sophie sneers her way through
put-downs as spot-on as “gossip makes her feel less dead.” Nearly every song
questions traditional high-school values, from the
Pistols-go-surfing-with-Gidget guitar-rock of “Superteen,” where Sophie pulls
out of the chorus with “You’ve got it all, but what does it mean,” to “Barbie
Eat a Sandwich,” where Sophie’s solution to eating disorders is, naturally, eating.
Of course!


And after several choruses of “Barbie Eat a Sandwich,” she
changes it up with a smile-inducing final line, “…or just an apple.” But the
instant classic here – their “Cherry Bomb” – is “Everybody Else,” a
non-conformist anthem that kicks off with Sophie demanding, “Don’t tell me what
to do, what to wear, what to say” on her way to a singalong chorus that starts
with a taunting, “Na na-na na na-na na na-na na.”


Standout tracks: “Everybody Else,” “Pleaser” A. WATT


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