Caravan of Thieves – The Funhouse

January 01, 1970

(United for Opportunity)


New England’s Caravan of Thieves aren’t your ordinary band of wayfarers, although
the sound often suggests that in another life they could have been a roaming
band of gypsies, musically-speaking anyway. That’s a credit to the husband and
wife team of Fuzz and Carrie
Sangiovanni, who head up this colorful quartet, as well as
violinist Ben Dean and bassist Brian Anderson, both of whom lend enthusiasm and further
musical trappings.


Channeling their invention through an approach
that’s decidedly of a distant era – think Atlantic
City circa Boardwalk
— their carefree mix embraces swing, ragtime, some hurdy-gurdy and
a jaunty Vaudevillian canter. “Eat You” may bear a title that seems somewhat
risqué, but it’s best suited as a drinking song for the company of close
friends. “I Can’t Behave” boasts the unbridled enthusiasm of an eastern
European jig. And the fiddle frenzy of “I Don’t Wanna” sets the stage for what
could be a dance of a dervish. Other offerings – the carefree waltz of “Raise
the Dead,” the chirpy-sounding “Mexico”
and the whimsical ode to sweet confections “Candy” – further enhance this
musical potpourri.


It’s not always easy to keep up, but given the
boundless invention – and enthusiasm — The
becomes quite a lure.


DOWNLOAD: “Eat You,” “Candy,” “I Can’t Behave” LEE



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