CANT – Dreams Come True

January 01, 1970



Grizzly Bear may currently be in the midst of artistic
hibernation these days. But bassist/multi-instrumentalist Chris Taylor is
busier than ever, launching his excellent boutique label Terrible Records with
partner Ethan Silverman and producing albums for their first three signees,
Acrylics, Twin Shadow and Blood Orange.


Now comes the debut full-length of CANT, a rather quixotic
collaboration between Taylor and Twin Shadow’s George Lewis, Jr. However, if
you are looking for anything that resembles either man’s prior endeavors, Dreams Come True will certainly
disappoint. Yet if you approach this unique and challenging collection of
songs, which modifies Shadow’s ‘80s obsession through the ether of Arthur
Russell at his funkiest and Prince at his most inward and experimental, songs
like the synthed-out slow burner “Believe”, the Swans-gone-pop pulse
of “She Found a Way Out” and the ghostly closing ballad
“Bericht” will entrance your senses if given the opportunity. Hell,
they even sort of give daps to Maxinquaye-era
Tricky on the title cut, something you just have to hear for yourself to fully


The chances that you’ll be seeing Jay-Z and Beyoncé at a
CANT show for a headline jacking photo op might be slim to none, as the music
Taylor and Lewis present here is far too challenging for either party to be
bothered. But Dreams Come True will
certainly appeal to anyone who enjoys their new wave artful and avant-garde,
both of which are delivered in spades across this exceptional LP that will
surely be lost on many Grizzly Bear fans looking for an extension of their
sonic safety net.


DOWNLOAD: “Believe”, “She Found A Way Out”, “Bericht” RON




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