Candace 11/11/16, Denver

Dates: November 11, 2016

Location: Hi-Dive, Denver CO


Live at the Hi-Dive in the Mile High City, the distaff rockers wanted to take us higher – and they did. Above: pre-buzz.


My pal Bob has always has good taste in music going back at least 35 years or so so when he tells me to go check out a band I usually do. First he mentioned how I should listen to this Portland via Minneapolic trio of women so I checked out their bandcamp page and really liked what I’d heard. Then then, from his home in N.J. told me they were playing in Denver (dude is more on top of it than I am and I live here!) so of course I went.

They used to be called Is/Is but changed to a better moniker (IMO) and got a little heavier, a little fuzzier. I was first expecting something a bit more, uh, twee (which I don’t mind) but on stage I heard more of a shoehaze influence. They call what they do “ghost rock” or “goblin pop.” Good enough for me! The ladies all do their own thing, and very well.

Up front are vocalist/guitarist Sarah Nienaber, bassist/ guitarist Sarah Rose (though those two switch off on instruments) and in the back, the floppy- haired drummer Mara Appel. They look real young, maybe early 20’s, but from the way they play together you’d think they’ve been at this rock game for a few decades. What I saw were three ladies totally locked in with each other, refusing to let any outside sources ruin the groove.

Rose’s deep bass lines blended perfectly with Appel’s all-over-the-place drumming while Nienaber’s guitar cuts deep, real deep and holy moly was it loud!

They’ve got a few releases dating back to last year but the latest release, New Future, is a righteous effort with some terrific songs  (especially the drowsier title track). Start praying at this band’s altar. Go on…the church isn’t that full right now but the pews are filling up pretty quickly.









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