CAMERA – Remember I Was Carbon Dioxide

Album: Remember I Was Carbon Dioxide

Artist: Camera

Label: Bureau B

Release Date: September 16, 2014

Camera 9-16


Hailing rightly enough from the great city of Berlin, Camera served notice on last year’s Radiate! that the krautrock sound was alive and well. Now shorn a member, keyboardist Timm Brockmann and drummer Michael Drummer, augmented by various guest guitarists, keep the tradition going with sophomore LP Remember I Was Carbon Dioxide. “Synchron,” “Parhelion” and “To the Inside” serve almost as primers for the form, reveling in motorik beats, ocean waves of synths and keyboards and minimalist guitar clank. As singleminded as it seems, though, Camera knows when and how to add a little variety, from the enigmatic voices making pronouncements in “2 AM” to the atmospheric electronics powering the Tangerine Dream-like “Haeata” and the feedback pillows of “Ozymandias.” But the steady-as-she-goes drive of “Troaphaee” reasserts the band’s will to rock repetitiously, sparking a revival and reinvigoration of a style that’s always thrummed in the underground, motoriking right along.
DOWNLOAD: “Synchron,” “Trophaee,” “Ozymandias”

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