Album: Third

Artist: Cait Brennan

Label: Omnivore

Release Date: April 21, 2017

The Upshot: Soulful power pop and glammy soul, spawned from Ardent Studios.


Judging from her latest album, Cait Brennan must have one hell of a record collection.

Third takes the best of bands like Squeeze, Cheap Trick, Big Star, The Beach Boys and Harry Nilsson and then layers on the confidence and delivery of Freddy Mercury for a collection of songs that transcends genres. There’s the expansive love song “At the End of the World” that paints every inch of the room with sound, a straight up tongue-in-cheek rocker like “He Knows Too Much,” strong Prince vibes from the funk-spiked, falsetto slow jam “Caitiebots Don’t Cry” and a nod to glam bands like T. Rex and early ’70s Bowie on the song “Benedict Cumberbatch.”

Brennan and her collaborator Fernando Perdomo don’t hold anything back and as a result turn in a nearly flawless LP.

Recorded at the famed Ardent Studios in Memphis, home court of Big Star, listening to Third you can’t help but get a sense that this is the type of album that could have the staying power of those Alex Chilton-led recordings. There is a timelessness here that is just not found in most records coming out today.

DOWNLOAD: “He Knows Too Much,” “At the End of the World” and “Benedict Cumberbatch”


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