CACTUS BLOSSOMS – You’re Dreaming

Album: You're Dreaming

Artist: Cactus Blossoms

Label: Red House

Release Date: January 22, 2016

Cactus 1-22

The Upshot: JD McPherson-produced platter channels Brothers Everly and Louvin via spot-on harmonies and terrific countryish arrangements.


The Cactus Blossoms’ debut disc boasts an apt title. Dreaming? Dreaming that somehow Phil Everly was able to make one final appearance with brother Don and this was the result. This sibling duo sound every bit like their famous predecessors in both their delivery and t choice of material, and emulate them so convincingly, a novice would be hard-pressed to tell the difference. Jack Torrey and Page Burkum may not share the same last name, but they’re both blessed with a gift for spot-on harmonies, and their songs, which veer from the tenderest of ballads to a sound akin to a honky tonk revival, mine an archival approach. Written mostly by Torrey, these tracks appear ageless even on an initial listen. Songs like “Stoplight Kisses,” “You’re Dreaming” and “Powder Blue” would certainly have found the Louvin Brothers nodding their approval, while finding favored status in the classic country firmament.

No small wonder then that JD McPherson produced You’re Dreaming, the brothers’ ultra impressive debut. Wisely, he didn’t clutter the arrangements with unnecessary garnish, allowing the brothers’ voices to take the spotlight atop melodies that flow in a seamless sway. Their tenderest tunes dominate this set, and given Torrey and Burkum’s combined vocal caress, it’s all too apt. They encourage the listener to lean in, with results that are simply sublime.

DOWNLOAD: “Stoplight Kisses,” “You’re Dreaming,” “Powder Blue”



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