Cabin Dogs – Midnight Trail

January 01, 1970

(Crippled Hound)


Brother Rich and
Rob Kwait have been playing music together for quite some time. They took in
all the beauty and isolation that the Appalachian Mountains had to offer and
would return to their native Philadelphia
and let it roll out of their hearts and minds (under the name The Kwait
Brothers). They specialize in low-key country, homespun folk and even a bit of
r & b. They began adding members along the way and changed the name and
here they offer up their sophomore effort and it’s everything that their debut,
Electric Cabin was and more.


From the opener
“Blue Train” to the 13th and final song “New Morning” (a Dylan
cover) the band lays a steady hand down without a lot of peaks and valleys.
These 13 songs are more like a steady groove that sets a warm tone from start
to finish. They add in some funky guitar on “Bloom” (which returns ion “Dark
Moon/Sunrise”)  and then get even quieter
on the gorgeous “Carnival” and the rolling melody of “Thinkin ‘bout You and
Me”, which was a nice segue into the raw folk of “Twilight” (very reminiscent
of The Band). 


Most of the rest
of the record is really strong and with only a few missteps here and there,
with Midnight Trail, they’ve laid
some serious groundwork for a long career. Just remember to keep ‘em guessing,


DOWNLOAD: “Blue Train”, “Bloom”, “Carnival”,
“Down by the Sea” TIM HINELY


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