Butterfly Boucher – Butterfly Boucher

January 01, 1970





If fate had been
kinder to Butterfly Boucher, she might have been born early enough to provide
formidable competition for Madonna back in the day, what with her strikingly
ethereal vocals and pulsating pop template. As it is, this native Aussie is
forced to compete in uncertain circumstance, caught up in the midst of her
hyper beat underpinnings.


Three albums on,
those kinetic, diva-esque designs remain somewhat unnerving, given her jittery
rhythms and a postured approach — on album anyway — that echoes that of Lady
Ga Ga and Florence and the Machine. She’s had her share of successes — a duet
with David Bowie singing “Changes” as part of the soundtrack for the film Shrek 2, a musical contribution to an episode of
“Grey’s Anatomy” and most recently, production duties on Missy Higgins’ latest,
The Ol’ Razzle Dazzle — so clearly she’s beginning to carve
out a prodigious career. Nevertheless, the icy impression conveyed with songs
like “5678!,” “Unashamed Desire” and “I Wanted To Be The Son” corals any
attempt to convey a legitimate rock regimen. Only when she sheds that aloof
veneer and gives way to more genuine emotion — as expressed in mostly subdued
songs such as “Warning Bell,” “Don’t Look Now” and “Take It Away” that Butterfly Boucher really takes flight.


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