Busdriver – Jhelli Beam

January 01, 1970





From Jhelli Beam‘s
first moments to its last, MC Busdriver finally sounds like a man given the
Christian name of “Regan Farquahar.” It’s a rich, nearly-British sounding title
and he plays up its (his) theatricality like a team of schizophrenics tackling Hamlet. (“How the fuck you talk with a
cockney patois/When you come from the Rockies”
from “Do the Wop” addresses this phenom handily.)


While Busdriver’s raps dip and doodlebug in a highly odd
accented voice(s) through the rapier fast piano-pirouetting “Me-Time” and the
loopy, loping “Split Seconds” in a voice at once funny and mean, the rest of
the album finds him bellowing low through carnival organ-scapes, skittering jazzed
drum patterns and what seems to be either an ELO sample or a
real-close-approximation (see: “Happy Insider”). The best part of all this is
still Busdriver’s texts – a semiotic melting pot of spit-take raps worthy of a
meeting between Roland Barthes and Lord Buckley. Rathaaah.


Standout Tracks: “Split Seconds” “Least Favorite Rapper” “World Agape” A.D. AMOROSI



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