Burning Hearts – Into the Wilderness

January 01, 1970





Fan s of this
terrific Finnish band were probably hoping for more than a four song EP, but
hey, four is better than none. It has been two years since their brilliant
debut, Aboa Sleeping (also on the
Shelflife label) but the core of Burning Hearts, vocalist Jessika Rapo and
instrumentalist Henry Ojala are busy doing other things, she as vocalist for another Shelflife act, Le Futur Pompiste, and
he as a drummer for Matinee Records band Cats on Fire.


There is nothing
on here as invigoratingly upbeat as Aboa
opener, “I Lost My Colour Vision” as the four songs on here are
more melancholy (Ojala stated in one interview that with them now living in the
Finnish countryside, it has greatly inspired the songs in this way), but still,
the songwriting has not dipped at all and fans will not be disappointed. Opener
“The Swallows” is a dreamy pop song with a choppy guitar riff and swirling
synth work and Rapo’s intoxicating vocals, while next cut “Fever” is in the
same arena (minus the choppy guitar).  “A
Matter of Timing” is perhaps the most downcast song on the record with those
words being repeated over and over again, and the final cut, the title track
(the single/video as well), has a pulsing bottom end, a near perfect melody and
Rapo’s swoony vocals. If this is a smattering of what to expect from their
sophomore record then, as we say, bring
it on!


You’d hate to
ask them to put their other bands on hold, but if that’s what it takes for a
new Burning Hearts full-length, then so be it.


DOWNLOAD: “The Swallows”, “Into the Wilderness”




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