Buke & Gass – Riposte

January 01, 1970





The back story of Buke & Gass is nearly as oddly
rapturous and intricate as the music this duo makes. Both Brooklyn-ites play
homemade instruments – the “buke” being a modified six-string
baritone ukulele with the “gass” being a guitar-bass hybrid. One of
them crafts sculptural horns for Blue Man Group. Another makes bicycles. Both
members bang on foot percussion, filtering the result through various pedals, amplifiers
and homemade inventions – amps included.


All the while Arone Dyer warbles delightful melodic tunes
through the tinkle and boom of its arrangements. In some way, they remind me of
a cross between early Sonic Youth and the Horseflies. There’s some kinky
dissonance to be heard within the likes of “Bundletuck” and “Immoral But Just
Fine, Okay.” But for the most part, Buke & Gass make straight-up, darkly
twinkling complex pop tunes with quickly shifting reference points to olde
bluegrass, Dixieland and No Wave.


DOWNLOAD: “Medulla Oblongata,” “Sleep Gets Your Ghost,” “Red Hood Came” A.D. AMOROSI

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