Buffalo Killers – 3

January 01, 1970





Buffalo Killers have never had a problem with accessibility.
The Cincinnati
trio’s classic rock sound has easily found favor with traditionalist rock &
rollers, leading to tours with the Black Crowes and the Black Keys and
comparisons to the song-oriented indie rock wing led by Band of Horses. While
the band always had its countrified power trio style mastered, it could never
quite seem to come up with an album’s worth of truly killer songs. 3 still isn’t it, but it is a major
improvement on the band’s previous LPs.


Moving away from the Crazy Horse side of their Neil Young
fixation, brothers Andy and Zach Gabbard pen tunes that emphasize the country
and folk-flavored aspects of their vision, focusing on melody and vocal
harmonies over amp-blasting riffage. The Gabbards are writing to their
strengths here, eschewing jam-oriented epics for tight, tuneful gems like “Time
Was Shaping,” “All Turn to Cloud” and “Everyone Knows It But You.” Admittedly,
the record does tend to drift into a laidback haze, with only the opening
anthem “Huma Bird” providing any real blast of loud rock. But when the songs
and performances click, it’s a reminder of what a pleasure Buffalo Killers have
the potential to be.

Bird,” “Everyone Knows It But You,” “Time Was Shaping” MICHAEL TOLAND

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