Budos Band – III

January 01, 1970






can tell from the opening moments of the new Budos Band record that they mean
business. That’s the business of funkafying your soul, of course. Which is
nothing new: The Budos Band have been having their funky way with us since they
banded together in 2003. 


a super-charged, beefed-up production from Bosco Mann and TNT shows right off
the bat that they want to take it up a notch with Budos Band III. As an
all instrumental combo The Budos Band have always been about capturing and
creating mood and atmospherics, and Budos Band III is deeply into a
white desert sands/mummy’s tomb/ancient rites vibe. Whether the inspiration for
that vibe is located in ancient Egypt or Arabia, North Africa or the Middle
East is hard to say, but with song-titles like the kick off  “Rite of the
Ancients,” “Golden Dunes,” “Crimson Skies,” “Raja Haje” or “Black Venom” you can
pretty much mix and match locales. And then there’s the flaring cobra on the


don’t know if the ancient Egyptians were this funky, but Budos Band III is
stupid tight, peerlessly funky and totally professional. The opening track “Rite of the Ancients,” “Unbroken, Unshaven,” “Black Venom” and “Mark of the Unnamed” pretty much set
the template, while “Nature’s Wrath” takes the tempo down a notch. “Reppirt
Yad” is their clever, psychedelic mummy-funk reworking of “Day Tripper” by The
Beatles. If there’s any caveat at all, it would be that the 11 songs on Budos
Band III
all pretty much follow the same formula and most of them (except
“Nature’s Wrath”)  track at the same basic mid-tempo groove. They achieve
maximum consistency this way, but without much room for surprise or boundary
busting. It would be nice to see them mix it up a bit more, and especially fun
if they really stretched out in into some sort of a mondo-funk opus. 


none of that takes away from the overall greatness and originality of the band.
The Budos Band are the band that are really fashioning a new sound out
of an old one, creating a hybrid of classic funk (James Brown/JB’s + Afrobeat
variety) and newer sounds that don’t sound like anybody else at all. Brian
Profilio on drums, bass player Daniel Foder and guitar player Thomas Brenneck
may fashion the Budos’ signature slippery, shuffling groove, but organ player
Mike Deller is the real capper and his playing on Budos Band III really
pushes it over the top. It like having Dr. Phibes backed up by The JBs. The
rest of the band  – all 8 if them on horns, winds and percussion – all do
what they do as well as it can be done. 


looking for a ticket into the house of modern funk need look no further than The
Budos Band III


DOWNLOAD: “Rite of the Ancients” “Mark
of the Unnamed,” “Nature’s Wrath,” “Reppirt Yad.”CARL HANNI


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