Bubblegum Lemonade – Sophomore Release

January 01, 1970





Certain labels
out there have a specific sound and the Matinee label, is definitely one of
them. The label was founded by Jimmy Tassos about a decade ago in Tassos’ then
home of Washington, DC. Tassos loved the jangle pop sound of
labels like Sarah and Creation and wanted to form a home in America where he
could turn people on to those classic jangle pop records (by current bands) and
he has been releasing records ever since (it originally began at Roundabout
Mailorder in the ‘90s where Tassos carried rare jangle pop records from
overseas). Scottish band Bubblegum Lemonade, led by the mysterious Laz (who
plays everything on here and is helped out on about half of the tunes by Sandra
on vocals), is yet another one of those bands. It brings to mind vintage early
Primal Scream as well as The Byrds and fellow countrymen Teenage Fanclub. These
12 melodic cuts would do their homeland proud


Sophomore Release is, as you guessed it, the band’s 2nd full-length (there was an EP in there as well). The sound is mostly mid-tempo,
with a bit of distortion on the guitars, plenty of reverb and a cool surf beat.
Opener “Caroline’s Radio” (a single as well, apparently the song pays homage to
an offshore pirate radio station called Radio Caroline) zips with melodic gusto
while “She’s Got a Gun” has a cool Spector bounce to it. Elsewhere “You Only
Leave Twice” adds bongos and glockenspiel to the mix and “Living for Today” is
another sugary, uptempo one in the Jesus & Mary Chain vein. The record
closes with “Last Train to Clarkston”, a Monkees homage that makes excellent
use of the tambourine (guitars, too!). 
Laz is one guy who knows what he wants and knows how to go about getting
it and Sophomore Release is proof.


Sophomore Release expands upon the debut (Doubleplusgood) with added cotton candy
and even better songs. Touché’!


“Caroline’s Radio”,  “Living for

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