BROADHEDS – Broadheds

Album: Broadheds

Artist: Broadheds

Label: Dangerbird

Release Date: April 16, 2013



Former Eulogies singer/guitarist Peter Walker owes the founding of his new band Broadheds – at least indirectly – to Northern California pop punk greats the Mr. T Experience.  Indirectly being the key word here as Walker was impressed enough by the brilliant teen novel King Dork by Mr. T Experience frontman Frank Portman, to start consuming a slew of teen fiction and ultimately try and harness those common, reoccurring themes of angst and innocence and channel them into a new group (think The Ramones, but without the glue sniffing).  

The result is about as fun as you’d expect. Stripped of all pretention and complexity in favor of aggression, power and fun-as-hell sing-alongs (“Push Shove,” “Tomorrow I Might Feel the Same”), the 13 track debut grabs your attention from the album opener. And while they have expanded beyond The Ramones three-chord hallmark, simplicity still remains the key to these songs.

It also serves as a strong reminder that music need not always have to feel like homework (that one’s aimed at you too-cool-for-school indie band with the viola player). Yes, a few of the songs likely should have stayed back in the rehearsal space until they were fully baked (“Speeding Away” quickly comes to mind), but the imperfections somehow manage to add a bit to the band’s charms.

Is there anything punk rock can’t make better?     

DOWNLOAD: “Tomorrow I Might Feel the Same,” “I’m Angry” and “Push Shove”


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