Brilliant Colors – Introducing

January 01, 1970



As the first saw-toothed guitar chords of “Absolutely
Anything” splinter into rainbow colored dissonance, you’ll be carried back
three decades, reminiscing not just about girl punks like the Slits and
Raincoats, but the sloppy, fuzzy anthems of the Buzzcocks. It’s the best song
on concise, blistering Introducing,
the SF all-female trio’s first full-length, but just by a hair. “English
Cities” is almost as rackety sweet, and “Over There” piles on the “Jail Guitar
Doors” guitar clangor of the Clash.


In addition to wicked, slashing 6-stringery, Jess Scott, the
singer and main songwriter, kicks in a supercharged vocal style, yelping,
keening, shrieking, then backing down to sleepy girl prettiness. Michelle Hill
(bass) and Diane Anastasio (drums) provide the propulsion, bounding and
clattering in staccato Delta 5-ish bursts. The album, way under the 30 minute
mark, blitzkrieg bops by like punk’s first wave, thrilling, rapid-fire and over
before you’ve shaken the fuzz out of your ears. The usual caveats apply:
instruments out of sync, vocals drifting off pitch, buzzy, cumulous cloud
production. Still, if you’ve been looking for a band that draws from the same
gene pool as Vivian Girls but doesn’t actually suck, Brilliant Colors might
just be the one.


Standout Tracks: “Absolutely Anything” “English Cities” JENNIFER KELLY


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