Briilliant Colors – Again and Again

January 01, 1970



Though it is primarily known for the resurgence of its
long-dormant psychedelic movement these days, San Francisco
is also home to some of the finer young indie pop bands in America today.
And there is none more talented a combo than the all-female Brilliant Colors,
whose sound has far more in common with the origins of the their label Slumberland
Records and even the giddier moments of the Flying Nun imprint than the
acid-washed hippie grit of their hometown contemporaries.


Coming off the anticipatory promise of their 2009 debut Introducing, the girls choose to play it
safe for their sophomore set, titled Again
and Again
. Here, they opt to craft a more conservatively arranged strain of
their spunky brand of sonic bliss that sticks close to the sweet epicenter of
their C86-copping ways, to which functionally fun tracks like “Hey
Dan”, “Cult Face” and “Hitting Traffic” so righteously


Those who are looking to these ten new songs with any sort
of lofty expectations given the promising roar of Introducing may indeed find themselves with buyer’s remorse, as
Brilliant Colors are not looking to reinvent the post-punk wheel here. But if
you are looking to enjoy a continuation of the gals’ intriguing blend of
Breeders-esque harmony and Tall Dwarves-ish bombast, you may find yourself
listening to this otherwise fine record Again
and Again

DOWNLOAD: “Hey Dan”,
“Cult Face”, “Hitting Traffic”, “L.A.’s” RON


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