Album: Gypsy Bells

Artist: Brianna Lea Pruett

Label: Canyon

Release Date: October 01, 2013

Brianna 10-1


Forget nu-folk, old folk, alt folk, trad folk, or all those other labels pinned on acoustic music these days. Brianna Lea Pruett is the real deal, a dewy eyed folkie who sings of dreamy desire surrounded by ethereal trappings. If a title alone provides a tease for an album’s content, then Gypsy Bells clearly hints at the seductive sounds herein. This is, after all, the same singer who dubbed an earlier effort The Stars, The Moon, The Owl, The Cougar And You. You can’t get any more celestial than that.

Indeed, aural images of incense and patchouli are fostered throughout, through the pensive drift and twilight trappings borne out in songs such as “No Diamond Ring,” “Sun on the Mountain” and “Seeds of Love.” Pruett’s languid musings and wistful reflections restrain the tempos, but the plaintive desire inherent in the title track and other offerings like “New Life,” “Under Your Wing” and “Live Wire” add to the allure and help strengthen a sometimes shadowy embrace. Comparisons could be made to Gillian Welch, Hope Sandoval and another Native American, Buffy Sainte Marie, mostly due to a certain shared intimacy. Circumspect, serene and with a decidedly low gaze, Gypsy Bells rings with its own elegiac intrigue.

DOWNLOAD: “No Diamond Ring,” Sun on the Mountain,” “Under Your Wing”

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