Brian Olive – Two of Everything

January 01, 1970

(Alive Naturalsound Records)


Brian Olive’s take on psychedelic pop has served him well –
both as a front man for the Greenhornes and as a solo practitioner, with two
individual albums and some solid support work under the aegis of others. His
latest opus, Two of Everything, finds
him honing that retro technique, multitasking on a variety of instruments
(keyboards, guitars and woodwinds among them) and co-helming the project with
Dan Auerbach, with whom he’s made plans to tour.


It’s a natural synergy, and Olive casts the music
accordingly. He’s more a stylist than a songsmith, what with his retro
leanings, but whatever the cause, the material breeds a certain familiarity
that makes even a perfunctory listen sound immediately engaging. Indeed, Olive
is adept at fusing tone and technique, and for the most part his melodies catch
on without the need for rummaging too far below the surface. However, there are
some less defined interludes in the mix and that’s when Olive seems to falter,
opting for a vaguely hazy sound on “Traveling” and a densely overcast treatment
to accompany “Bonelle.”  By contrast, the
loping, Lennon-esque title track and the unassuming rocker “Back Sliding Soul”
state his case much more effectively, affirming Olive’s natural affinity for
his material and a sense that a little less pretense and a bit more bravado
could make Olive a really crucial contender.


Sliding, ” Two of Everything” LEE ZIMMERMAN



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