Brian Lopez – Ultra

January 01, 1970



Born only a few miles north of the Mexican/Arizona border,
Brian Lopez sets an example for assimilation that would work well for the rest
of the world. Gleaning his international influences, this deft, multilingual Tucson-based
singer and guitarist offers up an album boasting an assured caress, from the
sensual Latino rhythms of “El Vagabundo” and “El Pajaro Y El Ciervo” to a
fastidious remake of Echo and the Bunnymen’s “The Killing Moon” which somehow
emerges more sonorous than the original.


Still, it’s mostly the music that falls somewhere in-between
that manages to impress most – the retro-sounding “Bed Blooded Rose,” the
delicate violin accompaniment for “Molly” and the smoothly swaying “Montjuic”
on particular. Lopez’s singing is breathlessly emboldened; a romantic crooner
at heart, the way he effortlessly glides into an upper register might make even
a veteran heartthrob like Julio Iglesias nod his approval. That makes the
album’s only misstep – an absurdly dramatic prelude to “Leda Atomica” which
comes across like a shuttled Moody Blues outtake – all the more glaring for its
inclusion. Claro que si.


Incidentally, Lopez has worked with fellow Tucsonan Marianne
Dissard (profiled not long ago at BLURT) as well as Calexico and Giant Sand. He
was also a featured artist on the recent Luz
de Vida
various-artists compilation
intended to raise funds for victims of
the Tucson shootings in January of 2011.


DOWNLOAD: “Molly,” “Montjuic,” “The Killing Moon” LEE ZIMMERMAN

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