Album: Revelation

Artist: Brian Jonestown Massacre

Label: A

Release Date: May 27, 2014

Brian Jonesown 5-27


At this point, Anton Newcombe’s self-willed psychedelic rock act has been so prolific and been going for so long there’s no real point in noting how many albums it’s recorded. Suffice to say that, after some experiments with electronics and dreamy soundscaping, Revelation is a return to the song-oriented, guitar-delivered work of the band’s first decade.

Not that the record doesn’t have plenty of dicking around – it wouldn’t be a BJM project without digressions like the electropop of “Memorymix” and the pastoral Britfolk of “Second Sighting.” But the bulk of the LP turns on straight readings of melodic tunes like “Food For Clouds,” “Nightbird” and “What You Isn’t,” simple but effective ditties in the established Newcombe style. Revelation hardly pushes the boundaries of what the BJM can do, but it’s nice to hear the band reiterating what it does best.

DOWNLOAD: “Food For Clouds,” “Nightbird,” “What You Isn’t”


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