Brian Eno – Small Craft on a Milk Sea

January 01, 1970



you happen to be a hot-shot producer (U2, Coldplay) who dabbles in art
installations, video programs and essays, you have little time for your own
musical projects, which is why this muso’s last album is from 2005. 


guitarist Leo Abrahams & keyboardist Jon Hopkins, Eno had the three of them
improvise and then reassembled the results. 
His latest starts off as airy, incidental music for an imaginary movie
(the title track recalls 1983’s Apollo)
until the drum & bass madness of “Flint March” and
“Horse,” climaxing with the one-chord Wire-like madness of “Two
Forms of Anger.” But then things are bookended back with dark ambient
settings (“Slow Ice, Old Moon,” “Calcium Needles”) and
lovely spacey ambiance (“Late Anthropocene,” “Lesser
Heaven”) as a reminder from the master about how it’s supposed to be
done.  Here’s hoping he cancels some
lectures to make time for his next studio outing soon.


DOWNLOAD: “Two Forms of Anger,” “Late Anthropocene” JASON GROSS

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