Brian Eno – Panic of Looking EP

January 01, 1970




Brian Eno extrapolates upon his excellent and daftly
overlooked spoken word collaboration with British poet Rick Holland from earlier
this year, Drums
Between The Bells
, with this 16-minute EP of session

Only on Panic
of Looking
, Holland himself is the featured voice as opposed to an array of
others reciting his prose on his behalf, giving this sequel of sorts a more
intimate feel than its predecessor. And the way by which the bard’s recitation
and the rhythmic ambience of Eno’s warm background melodicism intertwines is
really quite seamless, particularly on passages like “In The Future” and “If
These Footsteps”.


But much like any of the more challenging works in the Brian
Eno catalog, it requires patience and an open mind to experience, with the
payoff being a stellar instrumental piece at the end of the set entitled “Watch
A Single Swallow In A Thermal Sky, And Try To Fit Its Motion, Or Figure Out Why
It Flies” that might remind some fans of his Shutov Assembly material from the
early ‘90s.


If you are seeking out this collaborative EP for anything
other than its primary impetus, stick with your faithful copies of Here Come The Warm Jets and My Life in the Bush of Ghosts. However,
Eno appreciators who maintain a sense of trust in everything he does will
definitely want to add this to their collection.


Future”, “Watch A Single Swallow In A Thermal Sky…” RON HART


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